what is cpc driver training!
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Cpc or Certificate of professional competence is a qualification or training program for heavy goods vehicle drivers. People who want choose to do hgv class 2 jobs have to undergo the cpc driver training to gain their working permit.

It is must for lorry, truck, bus or any other heavy vehicle driver to take this training and gain their license. For cpc driver training you have to go through series of both written and practical tests. After signing up for this program, you may have to give a theory based test in your first step. Initial step will be followed by cpc case studies which will give you a better insight of the real situations and how to tackle them. Once the first steps are cleared, the candidate will have to undergo practical training where his driving ability will be tested.

A person who is able to clear and qualify all the tests is than offered his license for hgv class 2 jobs. This cpc driver training has made driving much safer and reduced the ratio of road accidents. So if someone is planning to go hgv class 2 job then attending the cpc driver training is a must under the law.

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